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Full text of "Poland Russia and Great Britain 1941-1945"

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eleven states of Europe which had been cc compromised?3 from
existence while that last champion of free Europe, the Polish Army
which had fought alongside the American and British Forces was
predestinated to be disbanded and the 250,000 Polish soldiers of that
Army who refused to go back to their enslaved country settled in
Great Britain.

The United States headed mankind as the greatest democratic Power
to claim that she would accept only a world consecrated to freedom
of speech and expression,, freedom of every person to worship God in
his own way., freedom from want and freedom from terrorism. From
her, whose avowed and C strong purpose was to protect and to perpetuate
the integrity of democracy/5 the world was seeking guidance and support
against the dark forces of tyranny which only one great Power now had
at its disposal. To America were turned the eyes of all those peoples
who3 by the twisted path of war., now found themselves under Russian
prevalence^ and who asked themselves whether freedom was only to
be the privilege of those lucky enough to find themselves in the American
and British sphere of influence, Yet by now the strength of the English-
speaking world was so great that there no longer remained any spot
on the earth where these slaves of a tyrannical regime could not be
released by democracy. The era of atomic-energy had opened a new
era for world history  the United States had before her the possibility
of introducing the golden age by abolishing war, compelling all the
states of the world to disband their armed forces and of allowing
democracy to flower in every corner of the earth. The world looked
to the United States for guidance.

Poland., alongside the other European Nations was associating her
hopes with the belief expressed by Roosevelt in his address to Congress
on January 6, 1942 :

" We are inspired by a faith which goes back through all the years
to the first chapter of the Book of Genesis : ' God created man in His
own image/

" We on our side are striving to be true to that Divine heritage. We
are fighting as our fathers have fought, to uphold the doctrine that all
men are equal in the sight of God, Those on the other side are striving
to destroy this deep belief and to create a world in their own image 
a world of tyranny and cruelty and serfdom.

" This is the conflict that day and night now pervades our lives. No
compromise can end that conflict. There never has been  there
never can be  successful compromise between good and evil. ' Only
total victory can reward the champions of tolerance and freedom and